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Volunteering with Community Speedwatch

Another positive change to the administration of Community Speedwatch is that there is complete clarity about how to join or create a scheme. Simply go to and you will be guided through the stages to join or create a scheme.

To join an EXISTING scheme

  1. Go to the website, and click ‘Register’.
  2. From the ‘Register’ page, select ‘join an existing group’.
  3. Then from drop-down lists, select ‘Thames Valley’‘Buckinghamshire’, and then look for a scheme in your area.
  4. You will be invited to provide personal details and then undergo induction training. This consists of 6 2-minute videos, with questions, and a summary video at the end.
  5. On completion, a scheme coordinator will receive your details and get in touch.

To CREATE a new scheme

If there are no suitable groups in your locality, you can apply to set up a new one.

Many groups are initiated by local community or parish councils, or referrals from local authorities, but there is no barrier to concerned individuals and groups of residents taking a lead. A new scheme can be set up to cover multiple locations in an area, a specific road or stretch of road.

After clicking ‘Register’, and ‘Thames Valley’, you will be prompted to email PC Turnham at Thames Valley Police, who will assist in assessing proposed locations and setting up the scheme.

CSW registration page

registering with community speedwatch

Setting up a new CSW scheme

instructions on setting up new community speedwatch scheme

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