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Thank you to all who responded to the survey and attended the Forum’s meeting on Wednesday 26th June. Your contributions help shape the work of Neighbourhood Policing. It was agreed to retain the following focus areas: BURGLARY – DRUGS – SPEEDING. Presentations from the meeting, by Inspector James Ellis and by Robert Gibson on the survey results, and a video playback, can viewed/downloaded from the meeting page.

The Chiltern & South Bucks Policing Issues Forum is an independent, resident-led platform to assist communication between residents and Neighbourhood Policing across the Chiltern & South Bucks parts of Thames Valley Police Buckinghamshire Local Command Unit. We cover the neighbourhood areas of Amersham, Burnham, Farnhams & Taplow, Chesham, Chalfonts, Denham & Gerrards Cross, Iver Stoke Poges & Wexham, Missendens.

Facilitating effective communication between residents and Neighbourhood Policing

Police forces throughout the UK have to balance national and Force priorities with more local demands, driven by the experience of citizens. Through the former, they combat many of the worst threats to society, and a clear expectation is set ‘from the top’. But full confidence in policing depends just as much on meeting the public’s expectations. Local policing must be seen to do everything it can to respond to local needs, and keep our communities safe.

The Forum operates a transparent process for discussing, setting and reviewing focus areas for our Neighbourhood Police Teams. Surveys are held three times a year, followed by meetings open to all residents, attended by senior Thames Valley Police officers and where appropriate, guest speakers and subject matter experts.

To help our Neighbourhood Police teams to be the Force’s ‘eyes and ears’ in their localities, we urge residents to take all opportunities to make their concerns and wishes known.

Current Neighbourhood Teams’ Focus Areas

In addition to their regular duties, our Neighbourhood Policing teams are currently giving additional focus to the following three areas:

  • Burglary
  • Speeding
  • Drugs

These were set at the Forum meeting on November 22nd 2023. Details of the meeting, including survey results and minutes.

Actions to pursue neighbourhood priorities are reported in the quarterly newsletters published by each Neighbourhood team. This website carries a comprehensive up-to-date collection of these reports, which include also information on current team personnel, times and locations of opportunities to meet team members at ‘Have Your Say’ meetings, offenders brought to justice, and other policing news.

How Intelligence can contribute to the effectiveness of Policing

Rightly, we look to our Police forces for our security through law enforcement.

But policing at its best has a proactive, problem solving approach. Most harms cannot simply be dealt with by reactive enforcement – think in particular of knife crime, County lines, drug dealing, but this is equally applicable to many other harms.

But to achieve this, data and intelligence are critical. Much of this will come from the public. This is another reason that maintaining the public’s TRUST is essential.

Forum post: What type of policing do we want? October 22nd 2023

The Forum continues to bang the drum about the importance of REPORTING crime and concerns. Our Reporting Crime page explains this importance, and HOW residents can report and pass on information and concerns. We, as citizens, can help our Police to deliver a proactive, intelligence-led service.

Enhancing our own personal and Community resilience

We rely on policing to keep our community safe, but we need also to be realistic about resourcing and limits of coverage. That’s why there is a need for residents, individually or collectively, to contribute to the resilience of their community.

Burglary and Speeding regularly show up as the greatest concerns of residents. Meanwhile, of all crime types, we are by far most likely to fall victim to fraud or a scam. Through this website, we promote Neighbourhood Watch and Community Speedwatch, national initiatives to which residents can volunteer to improve safety of our homes and on our streets. We also promote greater awareness of frauds and scams as a means of improving resilience.

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PROTECT OUR HOMES by joining Neighbourhood Watch.

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MAKE OUR STREETS SAFER with Community Speedwatch.

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PROTECT OURSELVES with greater understanding of threats and appropriate actions.

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