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Forum Meetings

Regular Invitation to all residents to engage with Neighbourhood Police

Forum meetings are held every four months. They are open meetings which anyone can attend, and they are publicised widely in advance.

The meetings are an opportunity for engagement between residents and Neighbourhood Police. Senior representatives of our Neighbourhood Police teams report on recent crime trends, and on actions on previously set focus areas. There is plenty of time for open and often wider ranging discussions, sometimes with guest speakers or subject experts invited. We encourage as many residents, businesses and groups as possible to attend the meeting, to ask questions and air views.

Meetings are preceded by a survey inviting residents to list their top areas of concern. These will be used to inform discussion and setting of future ‘focus areas’ by a panel comprising Chairs of the 7 Community Boards or their representatives.

Minutes and reports from the meetings are made available on this website soon after the meeting. These are publicised on the website and elsewhere.

Neighbourhood Police current focus areas


Burglary prevention

Led by the police, supported by the community; this will be tackled through pursuing offenders, crime prevention activities including Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) operations, crime reduction events and education.

AntiSocial Behaviour

We will identify key areas to target high visibility patrols. We are working together with our Community Safety colleagues to identify and deal with perpetrators. Our Schools officer is providing educational inputs at local academies in order to reduce the likelihood of ASB. We are also working with private and social housing sectors to deal with those who cause nuisance through excessive noise. We risk assess repeat victims and ensure that appropriate support agencies are involved where required.

These were set at the Chiltern Community Forum Meeting on September 23rd 2020. Thank you to all who attended the meeting and completed the survey. More information available at


The 22 Concerns, used to set Focus Areas

The 22 concerns are set out on the online survey forms. They are are listed below, with links to information from Thames Valley Police, Chiltern District Council and other sources:

Concerns/Priorities and Sources for Further Information
Thames Valley PoliceBuckinghamshire CouncilOther
Anti-social behaviourWhat is antisocial behaviour?Anti-Social Behaviour
Public Spaces Protection Orders Community Trigger
Dog Fouling
Dog Owners' Responsibilities
ASB Help - registered charity providing advice and support to victims of anti-social behaviour
Burglary – residential propertiesResidential Burglary
Burglary – sheds and garagesSecure your shed or garage
Burglary – commercial propertiesHow to keep burglars out of your business
Child sexual exploitationChild Sexual ExploitationChild Sexual ExploitationChild Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)
Cyber crime / FraudProtect Your World
Useful contacts for advice about fraud and cybercrime
The Little Book of Cyber Scams
Internet, e-mail and mobile phone fraud
Fly Tipping and LitteringReport Fly Tipping
Street Cleaning
Modern slaveryModern SlaveryModern SlaveryModern Slavery Helpline
Rogue traders/ ScamsReport a Fraud, Scam or other suspicious ActivityFriends Against Scams
Bucks & Surrey Trading Standards
Think Jessica
Drug dealing
SpeedingDealing with SpeedingCommunity Speedwatch
Theft from vehiclesTheft from a Vehicle
Theft of vehiclesKeeping Vehicles Safe
Violence against a person, including Domestic AbuseDomestic Violence and Abuse
Stalking and Harrassment
Hate Crime
Rural crimeRural Crime - Advice and InformationRural Spotters Scheme
Drug and alcohol misuseSpiked Drinks - What you need to knowAlcohol, Drugs and Addiction
Cyber bullyingKeeping your Child Safe - Online Safety
Bullying Advice and Support for Parents
Criminal damageHow to protect your property against vandalism
Knife CrimePCC - Gangs and Knife Crime
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