Chiltern Forum 25th February 2020

Chiltern Community Forum met on Tuesday 25th February, at Chalfont St Peter Parish Council Offices, Gravel Hill, Chalfont St Peter SL9 9QX. At the meeting, we received the Police’s report on previously set priorities, and have a wide-ranging discussion on other matters of interest to those attending.

Chiltern Community Forum Agenda Feb 2020

Thank you to the 151 residents who completed the online surveys to express their views and preferences. From a list of 22, they were asked to select their top three neighbourhood priorities for the Chiltern Community Forum to address over the next three months.

The top 5 concerns from the 4 areas within the Chiltern policing area were as follows:

chiltern local policing area survey by area feb 2020

Following extensive discussion, the following priorities were set: Residential Burglary, Drug Dealing and Anti Social Behaviour.

Minutes of Forum Meeting February 25th 2020

Previous and current priorities:

priorities set for Chiltern neighbourhood policing feb 2018 to feb 2020

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Reported Crime Stats – Chiltern Area – from Police.UK website (click any image to open gallery view)