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Community Boards

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Following the move to a unitary Buckinghamshire Council, 16 Community Boards (CBs) were created. Their remit is to bring together the Council, residents, groups and organisations to look at local issues and find ways of improving them together. They replaced the previous Local Area Forums (LAF), though with greater access to financial resources.

Buckinghamshire Council and Thames Valley Police intend that Community Boards will be involved closely with setting of ‘neighbourhood policing focus areas’. Buckinghamshire Council will create surveys, with all partners helping to publicise them. Findings will be presented to Community Boards. Decisions on Neighbourhood Policing areas of focus will be taken by a Policing Issues Panel (PIP) made up of the 7 Community Board chairs, and will then cover the entire Chiltern & South Bucks Local Policing Area (LPA).

The task of participating actively in the meetings of 7 Community Boards, far more than any other Policing Area in Buckinghamshire, will be logistically challenging for Chiltern & South Bucks LPA. The Forum will help with this. The Community Forums’ meetings have proved to be a popular platform for interaction between residents and Police. Meetings will continue on a quarterly schedule, with senior representation from Thames Valley Police and where appropriate, guest speakers and subject matter experts. Where community safety items are tabled at a Community Board meeting, the intention is that Police will attend meetings and be available for discussion.

Involvement with YOUR local Community Board

Community Board meetings are open to all members of the public. Below we show summary information about the 7 Community Boards within Chiltern & South Bucks, including contact details. You can also find out more from the Community Boards page on Buckinghamshire Council’s web site.

Participation in the meetings of your local Community Board will inform you about a range of issues within your community, including policing and crime.

Community Boards meet five times a year. Each has agreed on a set of local priorities, and has appointed working groups relating to these priorities. Importantly, each Community Board has funding available, and can make grants for projects which can improve the local community. For those with the time and interest, these working groups are a great way of getting involved with your local community!

Chiltern & South Bucks Community Boards

Chair:Mark Dormer
Deputy Chair:Rachael Matthews
Coordinator: Lizzie Wright
Towns/villages covered:Amersham, Chesham Bois, Little Chalfont, Coleshill
Priorities:Covid-19 Recovery
Village & Town Centre Revival
Green issues and the environment
Health and wellbeing of young people
Working Groups:Covid-19 Recovery and ongoing support
Village & Town Centre Revival
Health and wellbeing of young people
Communication Strategy

Amersham Community Board page on

Amersham Community Board Facebook Page

Amersham Community Board: Committee and Meeting details

Chair:Jonathan Waters
Deputy Chair: David Watson
Coordinator:Andy Chapman
Towns/villages covered:Beaconsfield, Chepping Wye, Hazlemere, Penn
Priorities:All age physical and mental health and wellbeing, including a focus on loneliness and social isolation, climate change and the promotion of outdoor activity
recovery and regeneration, including economic development and community engagement
Transport/Highways – including parking, speeding and cycling
Working Groups:“Under development”

Beaconsfield & Chepping Wye Community Board page on

Beaconsfield & Chepping Wye Community Board Facebook page

Beaconsfield & Chepping Wye Community Board: Committee and Meeting details

Chair:David Anthony
Deputy Chair:Dev Dhillon
Coordinator:Jack Pearce
Towns/villages covered:Burnham, Dorney, Farnham Royal, Stoke Poges, Taplow
Priorities:Infrastructure & Highways
Supporting older & vulnerable people
Young people
Working groups:Infrastructure & Highways
Supporting older & vulnerable people
Young people

Beeches Community Board page on

Beeches Community Board Facebook page

Beeches Community Board: Committee and Meeting details

Chair:Patricia Birchley
Deputy Chair:Jane MacBean
Coordinator:Caroline Green
Towns/villages covered:Chesham, Ashley Green, Chartridge, Chenies, Cholesbury-cum-St Leonards, Latimer & Ley Hill, The Lee
Priorities:Health & Wellbeing
Transport, Highways & Environment
Community Safety & Resilience
Economic Development & Regeneration
Working Groups:Village Forum
Community Resilience/COVID recovery
Town regeneration

Chesham and Villages Community Board page on

Chesham and Villages Community Board: Committee and Meetings details

Chair:Santokh Chhokar
Deputy Chair:Jonathan Rush
Coordinator:Ani Sultan
Towns/villages coveredChalfont St Giles, Chalfont St Peter, Denham, Fulmer, Gerrards Cross, Hedgerley, Seer Green
Priorities:Climate Change/Environment
COVID reset and recovery
Community Safety, including CCTV, ASB and disruption etc
Wellbeing – mental and physical
Youth Provision
Working Groups:Highways & Infrastructure
Climate change & environment
Covid reset & recovery, and wellbeing
Community safety
Business forum working

Denham, Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts Community Board page on

Denham, Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts Community Board Facebook page

Denham, Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts Community Board: Committee and Meetings details

Chair:Peter Martin
Deputy Chair:Mimi Harker
Coordinator:Liz Charleston
Towns/villages covered:Great Missenden, Little Missenden
Priorities:COVID and economic recovery
Transport, highways & environment
Community safety
Health and wellbeing
Youth Support and Provision
Communications and engagement plan
Working Groups:COVID recovery
Transport & Environment
Community Safety
Young people
Health & Wellbeing

Missendens Community Board page on

Missendens Community Board Facebook page

Missendens Community Board: Committee and Meetings details

Chair:Wendy Matthews
Deputy Chair:Trever Egleton
Coordinator:Alice Williams
Towns/villages covered:The Ivers, Wexham
Priorities:COVID-19 Response and Recovery
Parking and Infrastructure
Working Groups:COVID-19 Response and Recovery
Parking and Infrastructure
Thames Valley Police relationships
Green Spaces

Wexham and Iver Community Board page on

Wexham and Iver Community Board Facebook page

Wexham and Iver Community Board: Committee and Meetings details