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Chiltern & South Bucks Policing Issues Forum encourages all residents to have a say in creating a resilient, safe community, and one in which we all enjoy living.

On this page we highlight consultations from Thames Valley Police, Buckinghamshire Council and others. You can also view all consultations conducted by Buckinghamshire Council on Your Voice Bucks.

Forum survey screenshot All residents are invited to participate in the Forum’s survey of residents’ concerns. These will inform discussion at the subsequent meeting of residents and Neighbourhood Police, and the setting of Neighbourhood Policing focus areas. Read More...

Closed October 30, 2022

Monday, June 27th, 2022

workflow cycle of Chiltern & S Bucks Policing Issues Forum All residents are invited to participate in the Forum’s survey of residents’ concerns and the July 12th open meeting with representatives of Thames Valley Police. Read More...

Closed July 5, 2022

Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

buckinghamshire council logo Following a change in legislation, Buckinghamshire Council plans to apply for powers to monitor and enforce moving traffic contraventions. It is seeking residents’ opinions in a consultation closing on 4th April. Read More...

Closed April 4, 2022

screenshot of bucks council community safety survey We encourage all residents of Chiltern and South Bucks to participate in the annual survey from the Safer Bucks Partnership. Responses will be used also to inform choices of Neighbourhood Policing focus areas in coming months. Read More...

Closed October 22, 2021

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